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Our lawyers will ensure that you understand your rights and the implications of any agreement you sign and will work to negotiate a fair contract that protects your interests.  

Cohabitation Agreements

A Cohabitation Agreement is a contract that is entered into between unmarried spouses (who do not have a decided intention to marry) either before they begin living together or while they are cohabiting.


The Cohabitation Agreement sets out the parties’ agreement as to how property and rights to spousal support will be treated upon a breakdown of the relationship or in the event of marriage.  


It is important to note that property rights and estates law rights for common law couples in Ontario differ greatly from those of married spouses.


Marriage Contract

A Marriage Contract (more commonly known as a prenuptial agreement) is a contract that is entered into in contemplation of marriage or during the marriage. 


The Marriage Contract sets out how property will be divided between the parties if the marriage breaks down, what will happen with the matrimonial home and how entitlements to spousal support will be treated.  


Separation Agreements 

A Separation Agreement is a comprehensive, legally binding, and legally enforceable contract entered into between common law or married spouses upon separation. 


The Separation Agreement sets out each party’s rights and responsibilities with respect to such issues as parenting arrangements, child support, spousal support, and division of property.

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