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Tiffani Lafleur

Senior Law Clerk

Tiffani Lafleur is a Senior Law Clerk practicing for Hendrikx Family Law. She has been working with Kathryn Hendrikx in Family Law for 10 years. At Hendrikx Family Law, Tiffani focuses on aspects of office management as well as traditional law clerk responsibilities.

More About Tiffani

Tiffani has a superior way with clients and she is a genuinely empathic person. She has an intuitive way to address difficult issues that are challenging the clients. Tiffani has widespread experience in all aspects of family law. 

Tiffani understands that family law is uncertain and expensive and she knows that it is important to listen and provide support to clients. She does her very best for each individual client...She is the “all around clerk”.


An assortment of Tiffani’s skills include:

  • Drafting documents including 14B Motions, certifications, briefs, motions, and pleadings

  • Obtaining legal research related to ongoing cases, and interviewing clients and witnesses

  • Providing additional support to Lawyers related to court hearings, questioning, motions and trials,

  • Organizing and maintaining legal files

  • Filing documents with any applicable court systems

  • Organizational skills to maintain hundreds of files and exhibits for multiple cases at the same time

  • Communication skills for relaying information to Lawyers, and when interviewing clients and witnesses

  • Ability to work under pressure and within strict deadlines

In addition to her widespread experience in all aspects of Family Law, Tiffani is also an experienced athlete. She received a full athletic scholarship to an NCAA Division I University in the United States. During her tenure as a student-athlete, Tiffani earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Justice Studies. Tiffani later continued her studies at Seneca College where she earned her Law Clerk Diploma.

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With over 20 years of combined experience in family law, we maintain the highest of professional standards, providing unparalleled support through identifying unique solutions and treating each member of the family with respect.

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